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Codification Topic 855:   Subsequent Events

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   Codification Topic 855
   Subsequent Events

Subsequent Events
   Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 165, May 2009
   "Subsequent Events"
   Events occurred after (a), before (b)
   (a) balance sheet date
   (b) date of financial statements are issued: public entities
         date of financial statements become available to be issued: nonpublic entities
   Financial statements are issued
   --> widely distributed for general use
   Available to be issued
   --> all necessary approvals were obtained to be issued  

Two types of subsequent events 
   Type 1: recognized subsequent events
   Type 2: nonrecognized subsequent events
   Recognized subsequent events
   --> provide evidence about conditions existed at the balance sheet date
   Nonrecognized subsequent events
   --> provide evidence about conditions that did not exist at the balance sheet date

   The effects of recognized subsequent events
   --> recognized in the financial statements
   The effects of nonrecognized subsequent events
   --> not recognized in the financial statements 

   Two dates are disclosed
   date 1: up to this date, subsequent events have been evaluated
   date 2: on this date, financial statements are issued or available to be issued
   Nature and the extent of its financial effects are disclosed
   for the following events:
   --> nonrecognized subsequent events
   --> that should be disclosed to avoid misleading information

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
    IAS 10: Events after the reporting period
    IAS 10 Technical Notes

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   Codification Topic 855
   Subsequent Events
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   Financial statements are available to be issued
   Financial statements are issued
   Public entity
   Subsequent events


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